July 26, 2011


Ramadan, the month of fasting, is just a few short days away. The time has come for Muslims to return to God and begin the process of cleansing the mind, body, and soul.  It is a time where the worldly desires are put away and the focus becomes strengthening the spiritual ties to God through many acts of worship including, prayer, acts of charity, guarding one's character, and the abstinence from food and drink.

Ramadan is the time to turn to God and seek forgiveness of past and present sins, mend strained relationships, and forgive those who have transgressed against you. It is also a time to thank God for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you and your family.

Right now is a good time to prepare yourself for the physical and spiritual cleansing that is about to start.  Here are a few links that can help you refresh your memory on the importance of Ramadan and its guidelines:

It is also vital that children are educated on the importance of Ramadan.There are many child-friendly resources available on the Internet and in print that can help kids understand what Ramadan is about and why certain acts of worship happen during this blessed month.  A great way to help kids, and even adults for that matter, celebrate Ramadan is to decorate your home.  Children can create posters or paintings with Ramadan greetings, banners can be made that can be put around the house etc.  Here are two articles by Hina Khan-Mukhtar that talk about getting your home and your family ready for this spiritual time:

Here are some ways my family and I would spruce up the house during  Ramadan. In my parents' home, we would string green twinkly lights along the windows in the family, living, and dining rooms. We would also put out some fancy candles and candle holders and light them up at night.  I have also done this in Ramadan pasts at my own home. This year, I've put up a small Ramadan banner that came with my Ramadan calendar from Barakah Life and I've also made some velum luminaries that will light up a dark corner of the family room.  I may also add some twinkly lights just for old time's sake.

I will be posting a few recipes during the month of Ramadan. They will be really simple to replicate and will be a great addition to your Ramadan table.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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